Former Australian Diamond Kate Beveridge Tactix-bound

16 August 2017

Former Australian Diamond shooter Kate Beveridge is the latest signing to a new-look Mainland Tactix team for 2018  but like new Northern Stars mid-courter Grace Rasmussen, Beveridge also had no choice.

After her former team the West Coast Fever picked up former Southern Steel shooter Jhaniele Fowler Reid for the next year, there was no longer room for the Perth local.

"I have got no hard feelings for Fever choosing Jhaniele over me; I certainly think she will provide what they are looking for in terms of those wins on the board," Beveridge told Newshub.

The 32-year-old shot an average of 83 percent and showed versatility in the wing attack position, but after the side suffered 12 losses and only two wins this season, something had to change.

"It's a business now and I know she is one of the more prolific shooters that there is - her and Romelda (Aiken, Queensland Firebirds). From a business point of view I think it's a wonderful move for Fever, they've been starved of success," says Beveridge.

Beveridge became the preferred choice over former Tactix captain and foundation player Anna Thompson, who was notably snubbed these selections, but standing at six foot three inches Beveridge believes she can offer something different.

"I'll be doing my homework, [studying] the likes of Maria Tutaia who is a taller goal attack and those sorts of players, seeing if I can emulate even just a little bit of what such a wonderful player like her can do to mould my game into what works for the Tactix."

Despite the Adelaide Thunderbirds losing Kiwi shooter Catherine Tuivaiti to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)  injury, the last chance to remain in Australia never came for Beveridge, who had set her sights on the UK until the Tactix came knocking.

While she won't be making her move to Christchurch until January next year, she's looking forward to proving she still has what it takes to play at the elite level - this time in a Kiwi competition.

"I'd really love to get back into being confident again turning to the post from any spot, she says. "I'm known to be a longer shooter - last year I stayed close to the post, but I'd love to challenge myself and shoot longer again.

"I'm looking forward to a re-set and a refresh to be more of a consistent player for the girls, the best I can."

The Silvermoon Tactix 2018 ANZ Premiership roster:

Kate Beveridge, Ellie Bird, Charlotte Elley, Temalisi Fakahokotau, Brooke Leaver, Jess Moulds, Erikana Pedersen, Kimiora Poi, Zoe Walker, Jane Watson.

Kate Beveridge Photo Credit: Getty Images

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