Netball Mainland thank Silvermoon for support

13 September 2018

Netball Mainland would like to thank naming rights sponsor Silvermoon for their two years of wonderful support, with the partnership now concluded under new business ownership.

Netball Mainland Chief Executive Brigit Hearn said the partnership had been very successful and played an important role in supporting Netball throughout the Mainland Zone, and hopes that it will continue on some level in the future.

“Silvermoon have been a wonderful partner of Netball Mainland and the Tactix ANZ Premiership franchise team. Their support throughout our campaigns has been invaluable,” Hearn said.

Silvermoon owner and director Peter Lee was appreciative for the opportunity, with the business now heading down a different path.

“We have seen some great Netball and have been thrilled to be a part of it and delighted with the level of engagement with our business from the netball community,” Lee said.

“We hope to stay on as a partner and continue to support Netball Mainland in some fashion however, upcoming retail expansion plans mean that this will not be as a naming rights sponsor.”

“Our relationship with Netball Mainland and the Tactix played an important role in raising our profile and further establishing the Silvermoon brand. The stands have been full, there is a strong loyal fan base and a great team culture, providing a fantastic opportunity for another business partnership to develop.”

“We thank Netball Mainland and the Tactix team for our successful partnership and wish them all the very best for the future.”