New season, new buzz for The Good Oil Tactix

12 March 2020

There is a spring in the step of The Good Oil Tactix ahead of their 2020 ANZ Premiership season opener.  We talk to midcourter Charlotte Elley as she prepares for the new campaign and the prospect of notching up her 50th cap.

How is the feeling in the camp ahead of the 2020 ANZ Premiership?

I think you notice it this week, everyone is just that little bit more excited.  We know we’ve done the hard work building up to this and I think everyone is just ready to get out there and show what we can do.  It is kind of a long wait and I know, personally, I’m really looking forward to hearing those first whistles.

There is plenty of optimism for The Good Oil Tactix heading in to the ANZ Premiership, does that add pressure to the team?

I wouldn’t say we feel that, but we do put pressure on ourselves because we want to live up to that optimism that’s out there.  There is a really good vibe amongst the team and we’re all focused on the one goal.  We are obviously looking to put out our best performance in every game, starting on Sunday!

What do you remember about first making The Good Oil Tactix back in 2016?

I debuted in Brisbane in Australia (in the old trans-Tasman league) which was pretty cool and I had my cousin there to watch me debut which was special.  It was awesome.  I loved travelling to Aussie because I was so young and it was all so new to me.  It wasn’t the easiest of times for the team but there was such a good vibe with the likes of Anna Thompson, Jess Moulds and Hayley Saunders – they made you feel so welcome and nurtured you right through.

What does it mean to you to be wearing The Good Oil Tactix strip?

It’s really special to be able to represent the Tactix.  Probably at the time when I first made the team I didn’t appreciate it for what it was.  But to see how far I’ve come from that moment to now, it’s probably more of a ‘wow’ moment.  And now to be looking at a 50th cap for the Tactix, it’s really special.  Actually it makes me feel a bit old!

Will you have your support crew in Blenheim on Sunday?

Yes, my mum and dad will there and are making a bit of a weekend out of it.  There will be a few other family members and a few family friends as well so it will be a special time.  Actually, I think they’re treating it more as a winery tour but they’ll be out there on Sunday cheering us on.  My parents have been such a special part of my netball so to have them in Blenheim, knowing that they’re in the stands is awesome.

What has been the highlight of your netball career so far?

Definitely going over to Africa and winning the World Youth Netball Cup (in 2017) would be my career highlight to date.  It was just something you can only dream of and it’s certainly added to that drive to go further.  Even just to be in that Netball New Zealand environment, the pathway and the support that you get when you’re in there is just amazing and I’d love to taste that again.


Photo: Michael Bradley