Tactix vs. Steel Match to go ahead

13 June 2017

The Silvermoon Tactix will play its ANZ Premiership netball game against the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel as scheduled in Christchurch tomorrow night at 6 p.m. at Horncastle Arena.

The Steel team van with six players on board was involved in a crash at the intersection of Memorial Ave and Clyde Road in Fendalton on Monday afternoon. The van was struck by another vehicle and ended up on its side resulting in four players being taken to the A & E Department at Christchurch Hospital.

Silvermoon Tactix Chief Executive Brigit Hearn said that Netball Mainland had offered all assistance and support to the Southern Steel franchise.

“No team plans on dealing with an incident like this and our best wishes are with the players in making a speedy recovery.  It is a credit to the Southern Steel that they are in a position to present a team to play the Silvermoon Tactix tomorrow” she said.

Tickets for the game are still available.