Here at Tactix Headquarters we are proud of our history and the legacy our players and management have created since our inception in 2008. We have created a Tactix Legacy to acknowledge the players who have taken the court for the team over the years which is represented by the number under their name. 

There are some players who joined the team part way through the season as injury replacement players, these players are acknowledged below: 

#45 - Hannah Broederlow

#46 - Kate Shearer


Jade Clarke (England)


Sophia Fenwick


Keshia Grant


Mwai Kumwenda (Malawi)


Nicola Mackle


Jess Moulds


Julianna Naoupu


Hayley Saunders


Louise Thayer


Anna Thompson


Zoe Walker


Jane Watson



Leigh Gibbs

Head Coach

Julie Seymour

Assistant Coach

Leanne Harris

Team Manager

Marion Meates